Ayahuasca Tea Treatments for Healing

Right now, Ayahuasca tea is being brewed and use by more and more people every year around the world in order to help treat the perils and medical conditions, physical ailments, and spiritual ailments as well.

Shamans who use this brew and make this medicinal tea, take their time to prepare the medicine and it’s not extremely simple but even the way in which the tea itself is brewed, although it varies from shaman to shaman, is an important part of the process of creating this special, spiritually awakening, and healing tea. Shamans are there for you not only to prepare this beautiful Ayahuasca tea for your consumption and use, but shamans are those who will guide you through the experience that comes from this beautiful brew. It is highly advised that you do have a shaman to watch over you during the experience with the tea, because it is very psychoactive and creates intense effects, like deep revelations, visions, and hallucination, to name a few that are more easily happening in a positive way when you have someone there to guide you.

Ayahuasca Tea

What is in Ayahuasca tea medicine?

The ingredients in Ayahuasca tea are comprised of more than one plant, in order to create the mixture that gives you the brew and the effects that are desired to come with it for a truly healing experience.

The Ingredients in Ayahuasca Tea: Natural Medicine Brewed

Ayahuasca tea is made from primarily in composition, of the actual vine of the Ayahuasca plant. This is where the more medicinal ingredients of the tea are coming from. It’s been said by shamans that deeper into the jungle, where the plant is much harder to get to, there are older vines which have been untouched and old in their age, making them possibly more powerful and potent. These are actually called “grandfather vines” and don’t need to be the type used in order to create a potent medicine brew of Ayahuasca.

Other Ingredients in Ayahuasca Tea: Where Does The DMT Come From?

The hallucinogenic and healing drink is also made of other natural plants found on earth, including a shrug called chacruna, and this is the part of the brew that contains the more magical of the properties, one could easily say. The hallucinogenic ingredient DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is found within the shrub. Its chemical makeup is directly what gives the more healing and spiritual awakening to the Ayahuasca tea used for a trip or drinking of the brew. In the jungles of Peru, this is a tradition and scared thing and this ingredient, however, in its chemical makeup is illegal in the States. Because of the DMT in Ayahuasca tea, you must go to another country, or to a South American shaman or the like, to responsibly consume Ayahuasca tea.

Another final ingredient of Ayahuasca tea is another plant’s leaves, oco yage, but also known as huambisa, and shouldn’t be forgotten. The leaves found on this plant are actually ground up very finely. So finely that they turn into a powder, and then included into the brew for the Ayahuasca tea.