Ayahuasca: What You Need To Know for Your Best Ayahuasca Experience

Ayahuasca: What You Need To Know for Your Best Ayahuasca Experience

What is Ayahuasca? It’s what is considered a sacred medicinal drink, with psychoactive properties, which comes from the brewing of two things together: an exotic rainforest vine, known as banisteriosis caapi, and psychotria viridus, a leafy bush better known as chacruna. When these vines and leaves are brewed together, which are both native to South American regions, the outcome and blend can be a very powerful one. The very composition of what is in this mixture, is what many consider creates much of sacredness of Ayahuasca, providing for the effects that create the powerful, life-changing, or spiritual experience.

Understanding What Ayahuasca is Helps Provide a Better Ayahuasca Experience

The Ayahuasca vine is mixed with the chacruna leaves in order to tap into a high concentration of the chemical DMT, or N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. DMT has been historically consumed by Amazonian tribes for years and years in the form of Ayahuasca. Ultimately, it’s the two that work together in combination with each other, as the vine will act as an MAOI, or monoamine oxidase inhibitor, while the extremely powerful DMT is present. When the two are actually taken separately, they don’t create the effect that is created when mixed together, which include bringing about visions and hallucination, emotional release, intense feelings and energetic sensation, purging effects, healing effects, and many other beneficial healing effects.
Ayahuasca Experience

Get the Most Out Of Your Ayahuasca Experience with These 5 Things

If you’re going to be experiencing the healing properties of Ayahuasca and journeying into a better understanding and perception of yourself, and the world around you, making the very best of this experience should not be taken lightly and preparations should always be made before partaking in an Ayahuasca ceremony. You don’t need to go to Peru in order to get the most of your expedition into your consciousness with Mother Vine (what many people refer to Ayahuasca as), but if you are going to be using Ayahuasca there are some things to know beforehand that will benefit greatly.

Choose a Trusted Shaman or Reputable Retreat Location for Your Ayahuasca Experience

When you ingest and experience Ayahuasca you’re being sent on a very spiritual journey, one that can be very scary in your physical body, and certainly in your mind, is when you’re not comfortably suited with a trusted shaman to lead you through your trip. Especially if you’re in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by unfamiliar territory and people who don’t speak your language. The same goes for wherever you might be and whom you might be with. Having someone you trust to be there and guide you through your experience at a reputable retreat center or a close spiritual advisor.

Food and Dieta Prepping for Ayahuasca Experience

A pretty strict, what is called dieta, is usually highly recommended before an Ayahuasca retreat or trip. Some find this part a bit more difficult to stick to, while others have little problem maintaining the dieta in preparation leading up to the experience. To sum up the dieta in general it involves removal of salt, dark meats like pork, beef or duck, abstaining from the use of drugs and alcohol of all kinds. These are the main things to avoid in order for a deep, cleansing before you use Ayahuasca, which will further cleanse your body from the harmful toxins in your body. It essentially brings you a clearer trip and makes this part a lot easier for Ayahuasca to do its job. You should prep with this dieta for 30 days before you plan to take Ayahuasca.

Setting an Intention for Your Ayahuasca Journey

For your Ayahuasca ceremony it is often advised that you should set an intention for your experience and journey. You should ask yourself, very simply: “What do I wish to get out of this experience?” Especially if you are a newbie to the experience or is your very first time, keeping this part simple is just as useful as also setting the intention itself. Some might not understand this at first, as they might have sought out Ayahuasca to begin with, with ideas of healing, thrill seeking and just pure curiosity. However, this drug isn’t widely used recreationally, and the lessons that can be interpreted from the experiences are a key motivation to getting the most out of your Ayahuasca experience. Some of the things on the more simple side, and of course, this for new and old alike, because the thrall of Ayahuasca can be hard to wade through if you set your intentions too specifically to remember. Think: “I want to heal” or “I want to be purified” or “I want to be more calm” – and the list goes on. But one good intention can truly lend to one truly good Ayahuasca experience.

The Golden Ayahuasca Tip: Just Breathe

Although this sounds like a real no-brainer when we take Ayahuasca we always take what comes with the experience – all kinds of unpleasant and often scary revelations and realizations. These things very often overwhelm and before you know it, you could be easily ignoring your breathing patterns or getting lost in the shock, but just remember to breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. Direct all of your focus and attention on breathing, and with each deep inhalation and exhalation you can let the negative thoughts and stress alleviate and return to your journey. It really does help when all else fails!

Be Prepared for Bodily Functions That are Important for Your Ayahuasca Experience

One of the less desirable and fun to talk about effects of Ayahuasca is the bodily functions that you will run into when you’re having a Ayahuasca experience. This is really practical and essential advice that anybody who has done a ceremony will tell you is important to know as a first time experience. There’s not much way to get around it but you should absolutely prepare yourself for the vomit and sudden bowel movements that is going to happen. It’s nothing to be ashamed about and in fact this is a beautiful thing, as your body is literally and psychically purging itself of negativity and toxins.