Ayahuasca Effects: The Effects That Ayahuasca Has on One’s Body  

Methods of attaining ayahuasca effects

There are many ways to prepare ayahausca, usually some sort of brew, that you can repare by shredding the bark, stripping out the DMT containing matter using household chemicals like vinegar, and then seperate them by boiling, then, with a coffee filter or some such similar filterable material. You can also of course smoke ayahausca, it’s not as readily avaliable because it needs to be prepared in a much more precise way then the ‘tea’ methodology, so you will have to be either good at chemistry or find a good vendor for smokable powder.

Positive ayahuasca effects you can experience

Ayahuasca EffectsAyahuasca is a powerful psychoactive tool, primarily brewed through tea, it can make you extremely happy or euphoric, very empathetic and loving toward the earth and the world, natral things and people, it can help you let go of emotional traumatic events such as PTSD, or irrational phobias or fears in the world. Most people who drink ayahuasca indicate positive effects, as well as a feeling of ego diminishing, the feeling that you begin to know the universe and care more about the universe or the world around you, rather than just you yourself as our modern life regularly demands of us. Some people even report effects of healing from cancers from the ayahuasca plant, but that is of course all someone’s opinion. Regardless, most people who experience ayahuasca have some sort of healing experience from it, even if it’s painful at some points it turns out to be positive and teaching.

Are Ayahuasca effects too strong?

The effects of ayahuasca can be extreme, both physically and mentally. Users can report hallucinations that they think are real that are some sort of bad manifestation, and if not came to terms with properly, can cause a ‘bad trip’. Ayahuasca also can cause extreme food poisoning like symptoms with rapid vomiting and diharrea, it’s almost to be expected that you will vomit on your first ayahuasca trip, it’s at the very least a good possibility. Many shamanistic or spiritual guides indicate this vomiting or purging experience is part of the ‘larger’ experience of doing the ayahausca tea, it’s recommended to have two doses prepared for each person prepared incase either person purges before the brew has taken full effect. Negative effectives of ayahasuca can include paranoia, diharrea, hallucinations as if one is going crazy or dying or going through a very odd scenario, but these can be mitigated by having a trip sitter or a guide who will keep you happy, preferably someone who knows the drug very well, or you very well, or preferably a friend who knows both! Sometimes when on ayahausca you can’t discern reality and will have a million questions that ‘need’ to be answered, so to have a friend there who can calm you down with simple answers to your questions that seem extremely important and profound to you will be extremely beneficial and helpful.